The myHealth Pass certificate is a tool that contributes to the management of health crises. It is designed to meet data protection and privacy needs. It guarantees the issuance, use and verification of certified data, in a secure and anonymous manner.

The data is fully secured in the QR code. Personal and confidential information is never stored, whether in clear or encrypted form, in a database or on the blockchain. Secured by blockchain technology, verification is fast and guaranteed for life.

CERTUS™ MyHealth Pass paves the way for the return of social and economic activity in accordance with cantonal and federal health guidelines.

The myHealth Pass health certificate is authenticated by scanning the QR code with a smartphone or computer. Verification is independent of the document issuer.
  • Universal and independent one-click verification
  • Secures both paper and digital certificates
  • Preserves privacy, does not store confidential data
  • Authenticates the sender and the protected data
  • Immediate access to a simple and efficient online service, no infrastructure required
  • Offline verification assured
  • Highly versatile, protects any type of data structure
  • Can operate independently or be combined with other copy protection technologies

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